Combate AutoImmune Challenges Naturally

Jan1st 2021

The Obstacles of Autoimmunity According to The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), there are approximately 50 million Americans suffering from autoimmune diseases. That equates to 20 percent of the population! With over 100 known autoimmune diseases today, autoimmunity has become a major chronic health problem and diagnosis for these diseases are difficult, research is limited, and conventional treatment is often counterintuitive. Many of the common obstacles found in diagnosing, researching, and treating autoimmune diseases include: -Symptoms can affect several organ systems making it difficult to assign the proper specialists. -Many of these diseases manifest differently depending on the individual. -Often the disease is not completely recognizable until it has become acute. -Initially, the symptoms of these diseases are usually nonspecific and sporadic. -Research is generally disease-specific and lacks information-sharing among different autoimmune conditions. -Immunosuppressants are the common measure of treatment for autoimmunity, which can lead to long-term side effects and ignore the root of the disease. -Patients are expected to remain on medication to stay well without many alternative options. During Combat Autoimmune Challenges Naturally, we will discuss strategies to overcome these obstacles with the help of functional medicine.